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Group Tests

If you are interested in Group Testing you are not alone. It can be a wonderful option for many children! Group testing by the testing lady is done using the Iowa. For a comparison of the Iowa, the Stanford, the CAT and the TerraNova please see “Test Descriptions“.

Once you determine which test is best for your child you must schedule a date as soon as possible! In order to do this consult the schedule and download a Registration Form. Send your registration form to the address at the top of the form with your deposit or you may register online and pay through PayPal. As soon as your form is received a test and seat will be saved for your student. If for some reason the session which you requested is already full (and this does occasionally happen) you will be called immediately in order to arrange another time. Although you may register by phone (see phone number on the registration form) your seat is not reserved until a deposit is received. On an aside, even though group testing occurs at the end of the school year, January is NOT too early to reserve your seats.

Certified proctors help Sarah with the group testing. Class size does not exceed eight for grades K-2. This small size allows for optimal testing conditions since a majority of those tests are presented orally by the proctor. The other grade level classes can be larger since, with little exceptions, the students are expected to work alone. Whenever class size requires help there are two certified proctors per group. If your child has a bad testing day, and does not perform as hoped for on his/her group test, an evaluation or individual test can be scheduled. In most cases, if your child is a strong reader, they will perform higher than the VA state requirement of the 23rd percentile.