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Thank you for your interest in taking math classes. This year I will be teaching at New Harvest Christian Co-op (NHCC) which meets at Bethel Baptist Church on Elbow Road in Chesapeake.  Each class will be held on Mondays and Thursdays – 1 hour each day.  The cost of all classes is $35/class/month.  There will also be a one-time non-refundable $75/family/year registration fee.  This is required by the Co-op and pays for insurance fees.  I will also require a $10/class/year supply fee.  The above mentioned fees are due on the first day of class each month.  Please do not get behind in your payments.  If payment is late by one week or more, a late fee of $10 will be charged.

 2017-2018 schedule is as follows: 

Class Offered Time
Pre-Algebra 9-10 a.m.
Algebra I 10-11 a.m.
Geometry 12:30-1:30 p.m.
Algebra II 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Pre-Calculus **Wednesdays at 2:30**

Classes start September 7.  We will follow NHCC’s schedule.  Inclement weather schedule will be the same as Chesapeake Public Schools.  This may mean that classes are missed.  There will be no make-up days.  I will adjust the teaching schedule as necessary.

** Pre-Calculus will be an on-line course. The cost is $20 per class. Classes begin September 13. Please speak directly with me about the details.**

Scheduled Class Breaks:

Thanksgiving Break Christmas Break Spring Break
November 23 Dec. 15 – Jan. 3 April 2 – 6

Please be prompt with your arrivals and departures.  Your late arrival will be disruptive to the class. If you are late in picking up your student, this inconveniences the church staff which is trying to get the facilities ready for other activities.  The student must stay in the classroom with me – not outside, not anywhere else in the church as students have been left in my care until they are picked up by the parent or caregiver.  I will not leave your child at the church because that child is not the church’s responsibility. If you arrive at the church and your child and I are not there, please call my cell phone (757-478-6886) to find out where I am.  Your child will be with me and my baby-sitting fees of $10 per 15 minutes apply.

Parents, please discuss proper classroom behavior with your child/children prior to the first class.  If your student is disruptive, they will be warned and you will be advised of the situation.  If they continue to be disruptive they will not be allowed to complete the course.

Dress code is an issue that I would rather not deal with, but . . . let me just make a few comments.  Boys, I’m not afraid to use duct tape if your pants are hanging too low.  Girls, I will bring some T-shirts that cover you.  Bottom line, please dress modestly and don’t show us anything you may be embarrassed about me telling you that I don’t want to see.  **NHCC has a dress code that should take care of those issues and must be adhered to.  Please check that our BEFORE any questions arise.**  Please email NHCC at harvestcoop111@gmail.com for a copy of the dress code.

Class Structure – We will need to cover 3-4 sections each class period in order to finish most of the book by the end of May.  This means that students are responsible for making up any work missed.  All classes will have take-home quizzes, tests and exams.  These are to be administrated by the parent.  Test and Exams are NOT open book/open notes.  Tests will be due within 1 week after they are assigned.  Late tests will have a mandatory 10-point deduction.  The only exceptions to this will be at the discretion of the teacher.  The missed work is due at the next class the child attends.  All work must be shown on tests.  Points will be taken off for work not shown.  Points will also be taken off for work done in ink.  We will not alter the class schedule because of incomplete or missed homework assignments.  Please make sure your student has all necessary class materials to insure that they can successfully participate in classes.

I grade on a 10 point grade scale (i.e. 90-100-A, 80-89-B, etc.).  Although some time will be allotted during each class, students are expected to do quite a bit of the homework assignments on their own.  Whatever they have difficulty comprehending, they are expected to ask about it prior to the next class or call me to get council over the phone – DO NOT call the night before your class!

Parent responsibilities – Please make sure that your child’s homework is complete and ready for the next class.  A list of homework assignments will be given to your child.  “Complete homework” means that all of the assignment is done and each problem shows the original problem, all work is shown, and an answer is given.  (Please use the Solutions Manuals to correct homework assignments.)  Pre-Algebra will check homework in class.  Parents will also be responsible for administering untimed, closed book tests and exams.

Student’s responsibilities – Show up to each class prepared (see below).  All homework and tests must be completed and turned in on time.  They must be in pencil and all steps (except scrap work) and the final answers must be shown.  Points will be taken off for work not done in regular pencil, not shown, and/or turned in late.  If you do not understand how to do a particular problem, it is your responsibility to get with me before, during, or after class.  Please call me between classes if any problems should arise – NOT on the evening before your class.  We will not hold up the progress of the class because you are not prepared.  Please be on time for class.  Help your parents in this matter by getting things ready for class the night before and helping your sibling(s) get ready on time.  Make sure that you are dressed appropriately.

Class Supply List:                             

Class Textbook Rental Supplies
Pre-Algebra Pre-Algebra, Bob Jones Univ. Press 1st  Edition (grey cover)
ISBN 1-59166-639-2 (soft cover)
ISBN 0-89084-762-2 (hardback)
$20 with a portion refunded upon return Notebook, sharpened pencils with erasers, a protractor, and a great attitude and willingness to learn.
Algebra I Algebra I: A Fresh Approach, by Christy Walters 2016 edition
Algebra 1 Even Problems Solution Manual
, 2016 edition
$80 with a portion refunded upon return Notebook, sharpened pencils with erasers, graph paper for Ch. 8, a great attitude and willingness to learn.
Geometry Geometry, A Fresh Approach, by Christy Walters
ISBN 978-0-9845832-4-9
Solutions Manual

ISBN 580010945976
$80 with a portion refunded upon return Notebook, sharpened pencils with erasers,  a great attitude and willingness to learn.
Algebra II Algebra II: A Fresh Approach, by Christy Walters
ISBN 978-0-9845832-2-5 
Algebra II: Even Problems Solutions Manual
$80 with a portion refunded upon return Notebook, sharpened pencils with erasers, graph paper,  great attitude and willingness to learn.  OPTIONAL (because we won’t use them much): TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-84 Plus, or TI-84 Plus Silver graphing calculator and manual.  (If you have a friend taking the same class, you may want to purchase the same kind of calculator because same models can “talk” to one another.)
Pre-Calc Straight Forward Math Series – Pre-Calculus, published by Garlic Press ISBN978-0-9319-9353-4 $20 (consumable) Notebook, sharpened pencils with erasers, graphing calculator and manual (see Alg. II above), and a great attitude and willingness to learn.

If you have any questions, please contact me at home (757-456-9659) or on cell (757-478-6886).  Do not call the church since they are not my secretary and have no easy way of contacting me.  Parents, please make sure your student reads this letter!